Custom and Off-the-Shelf Orthopedic Bracing


Custom-and-Off-the-Shelf-Orthopedic-BracingA large selection of custom and off-the-shelf orthopedic bracing products are available from Soles in Motion, one of our on-site partners. They have highly experienced and dedicated orthopedic bracing technicians who will expertly fit you with the best bracing option for your particular joint, ligament or muscle injury or medical condition. Orthopedic braces are prescribed by our Sports Medicine Physicians to help maintain and improve patient mobility while aiding in pain management, injury rehabilitation, and osteoarthritis management. Orthopedic Surgeons often prescribe orthopedic braces to be worn by their patients post-operatively.

Soles in Motion have a remarkable program where a patient can use a knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA) off-loading brace for 30 days with ZERO obligation to purchase the brace. Off-loading OA knee and hip braces are an excellent way to reduce pain and improve mobility in patients with OA. If the brace does not help you reach your goals in terms of pain reduction or mobility enhancement during the 30-day free trial simply return it to Soles in Motion. The is NO COST to the patient for this 30-day OA brace trial.

Soles in Motion carries a full line of orthopedic bracing products for shoulder, back, wrist, knee, ankle and foot injuries.

Click here to visit the Soles in Motion website for more information about their extensive line of orthopedic bracing services and products or call them at 902-468-7911 Ext #1 to make an appointment with one of their knowledgeable orthopedic bracing technicians.