Custom Orthotics


custom-orthoticsA full gait and lower limb assessment by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist is available at Soles in Motion, one of our on-site partners. Soles in Motion has two Canadian Certified Pedorthists who are focused on maintaining and improving the foot health and general mobility of our patients. They will perform a no-fee assessment to determine what the best treatment solution will be for your foot or lower limb condition: proper footwear, off-the-shelf insert or custom orthotics.

If it is determined that orthotics are the best therapeutic intervention for your condition then plaster casts are made of both feet and used to construct the custom orthotics. This method (plaster casting) is still the gold standard in the orthotic industry and recognized to be superior to the computerized plates or bio-foam boxes.

Click here to visit the Soles in Motion website for more information about their Pedorthic services and products or call them at 902-468-7911 Ext #1 to make an appointment with one of their Canadian Certified Pedorthists.