Sports Medicine Physician Consultation


Sports-Medicine-Physicians-ConsultationOur team of Sports Medicine Physicians specialize in the assessment, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of muscle and joint problems or injuries. These may be sports injuries, work injuries or injuries related to your daily activities.

You do NOT have to be an elite athlete to assessed by a Sports Medicine Physician. For the weekend or recreational athlete who experiences an injury, our team strives to bring the same level of professional care to every patient we see with the goal to return them to full function as soon as possible.

Our Sports Medicine Physicians work closely with a team of therapists and other healthcare professionals to develop a treatment plan that is specifically designed for your unique sport, physical abilities and goals. Our objective is to find non-surgical options for your joint or muscle injury/condition. If surgery is required after we have exhausted all non-surgical options, we will refer you to the appropriate orthopedic surgeon.

A referral from a Physician is required to see one of our Sports Medicine Physicians.

This could be your family physician, walk in clinic physician or ER physician. If you do NOT have a family physician you can visit one of the Family Focus Medical Clinics and the walk in physician can send a referral for you.

A Patient Referral form can be found in the Patient Info section of this website