Our Commitment to YOU

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of care to help you overcome the physical challenges that can result from an injury related to sport, work or your daily activities. We take pride in diagnosing and treating our patients with empathy, compassion, expertise, precision, and insight. Our promise is that you will be treated as a unique individual with your own specific goals and aspirations. Our treatment programs are designed with your goals in mind and our elite team of healthcare professionals will work hard to return you to your peak level of performance.

In developing a treatment strategy for your specific injury or condition we will look closely at ALL of the non-surgical treatments options available. Only when these are completely exhausted do we make a referral to an orthopedic surgeon for a surgical opinion. We value our clients and make their treatment goals our priority so that they can push beyond the limitations of their injury or medical condition and pursue their sport, return to the workplace or simply stay as active as possible in their daily lives. Regardless of the level or intensity of the activity, we strive to minimize the pain and impairment and maximize the performance and mobility of our patients

Assisting you along your journey of recovery is the inspiration for everything that we do.